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Thursday, December 23, 2021

Crisis evolution:Strengthening the Soul with Langhams

If you seek mental, emotional, spiritual, and bodily well-being, you should do four Langhanams. It was a basic principle adopted by our ancient Indian ancestors. They referred to it as Langhanam Paramaushadhm, which means that fasting is the best remedy.

 Let's have a look at the evidence first. Cooked vegetables, grains, and other food items, such as rotis, bread, biscuits, and pasta, should be avoided during fasting. Including these foods would have rendered the health advantages of fasting null and void if they had been consumed while fasting.
First and foremost, Langhanam
During the first langhanam, one abstain from eating food. Even though our ancestors didn't think of the human body as an eating machine, a surprising number of people who live in seclusion are constantly snacking. If you continue to eat this way, your health will deteriorate and you will become more susceptible to illness. Rather than relying on your tongue to tell you when you're hungry, listen to your body. Cooking at home can get a rest as well.

Wait until your right nose is full of air before you consume anything. When you breathe via your right nostril, sun energy flows through your body, allowing you to digest your food the most effectively.
Fasting might be intermittent, water-only, or a soup-only fast. Remember that even animals go on a fast when they are sick or in need of a health boost.
Langhanam may also be eating healthily. Proteins are the building blocks of all immunoglobulins, which are antibodies used to combat disease. Taking in the correct quantity of protein in your diet will help boost your immune system.
Being able to reap the benefits of fasting

Fasting is a well-known method of maintaining a healthy physique. In addition to religious reasons, fasting is also used to maintain good health. People should fast in order to avoid illness. Let's take a look at some of the advantages of fasting.

It has been shown that fasting can help avoid a number of long-term health problems including arthritis, asthma and high blood pressure, as well as colitis and irritable bowel syndrome.

Obesity can be treated by fasting. Fasting is the best technique to reduce weight because it is safe and quickly effective. When it comes to your mental health, fasting is a good idea. For example, fasting improves hormones, kidneys, liver, cardiovascular system, red blood cells, and other vital bodily systems. When you fast, you feel lighter. However, during a fast, water and other liquids must be utilized more often. Constipation, gas, heartburn, bloating, headaches, and fevers can all be cured by fasting. Fasting increases the body's energy level by distributing it to all of its parts.
In the second Langhanam.

The second langhanam is a pause in breathing. Similarly, the more heat an engine produces, the more quickly it combusts. The intake of breath is the power source for every cell in your body. The ancient yogis fasted their breath. Slow inhalations and powerful exhalations with breath pauses were purposefully practiced. Slow aging is one of the benefits of breath-fasting practiced regularly. You begin to think more optimistically. Negative thoughts can be more easily shaken off your mind.
The third Langhanam is here

The third langhanam is abstaining from harsh and gloomy language. People with Vak-Shakti, or the power of speech, are few and few between. Your Vak-Shakti increases as you speak words that are true and bring happiness to others in a pleasant tone more often..

Fasting is the ultimate langhanam. You don't have to be a couch potato and eat popcorn while watching television to have a good time. In order to practice fasting, you must sit still, either by noticing your breath or by listening to the sounds of nature or your divinity. Sit down!! Restlessness is reduced even if you can sit still for just one minute at a time.

Langhanam or fasting is a powerful tool. The more you practice these four langhanams, the more powerful you'll feel in your mind, body, and consciousness overall.

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