Laws of Neuroplasticity©

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1. The degree of attention is directly proportional to the mental force of a thought.

2.  Minds like other planets and organism tends to function in automations. It is the level of awareness that enables us to break these automations and make conscious and path breaking decisions.

3.  The more the brain functions in automations the more are the misery and unhappiness.

4.  The default state of the mind is awareness i.e is happiness….its the inclination and dependence towards the emotions that gave rise to negative emotions and misery in a human.The more we believe in what we feel the more unhapiness we generate.

5.  Being positive is directly related to the extent of being aware of the moment.


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6.  Competitive neuroplasticity is a phenomenon taking place every moment of our life and is a highly underated  by our experiences.

7.  The more the mind believes in the images it forms the more it tends to generate emotions.The lesser its believes  the images it forms the more the scope for awareness.

8.  In our pursuit to  mix automations with awareness we have developed from creature to rulers of evolution… the journey we have migrated from being a part of the creation to the destroyer of creations.

9.  The more we are aware the lesser fuel we give to the brain pathways to become rigid and fixed.

10.  Awareness is a habit difficult to cultivate because of mans greed for social interactions.


gallery/competitive neuroplasty
gallery/competitive neuroplasty

His Book "The laws that change the brain" will be published shortly explaining the laws of neuroplasticity and relevance to human life...You can read the preface on the page.