The Laws that change the Brain-Dr.Chirag Jain



It was a cold winter day somewhere in the month of December in Mumbai in 2014.I was returning from my clinic after having a hectic day consulting patients. There was a family get to gather at a famous restaurant which had recently opened in town. This was one of the rare occasions when I was able to reach on time. The restaurant was jam packed being a Saturday night I located my family’s table. After our customary greetings I couldn’t help noticing the noise at the table next to ours. I overheard a very interesting conversation between a mother and a sixteen year old teenage girl when I was at a restaurant. The mother was pointing out her mistakes and deficiencies to the girl and how they are bringing her down both in academics and her social life. She had a really long list and the teenager was staring at her in disbelief. She tried to interrupt but it seemed that the mother was well prepared and she didn’t want to be disturbed. The teenager very innocently when she ran out of words, asked her “Mom if there are so many issues in my life, could you also give me the solution for them. Before you interrupt me, you can also tell me what was the root of the issues and what did you do about it for the last sixteen years? Also would you also want me to point out the problems which I have inherited from you out of the long list you have told?” Her mother was shocked at her daughter’s candid and frank opinion. More than anger she realized what she said was making sense. She looked at her and smiled at her. She sheepishly told her that she had realized that her daughter had grown up and she didn’t want her to suffer like her.

This conversation was like any other conversation between teenage kids today and parents but this made me realize that there was a lot of meaning in what the kids was trying to tell her parent. As a parent of two children I do understand that all parents try to teach kids skills and behaviors so they can be better human beings and can face the harsh realities of life.

On researching further I realized the complexity of Human mind functioning. I had always been well versed with the anatomy of the brain, but as I dived deeper into the newer research by neuroscientist, a whole new world of the mind and its functioning opened up in front of me. Reading through not only neuroscientist point of view, also the perspective of neurophysics and psychology made me see the broader picture. How the new neurons are created and the properties which govern the formation of these new pathways? What seemed a simple word “neuroplasticity” became a highly complicated and a difficult process for individuals to apply it to their lives? I started studying behaviors of my patients and the people around me and realized that there are many issues which were half explained or left out and felt there was a void in the understanding. So I formulated the findings into ten different laws to make the process of neuroplasticity more achievable and lucid. This I am referring to the old habits and behaviors which are interfering in an individual’s life and individuals find it difficult to overcome. Based on these laws I also devised a strategy using 4’Rs mainly Realization, Raising an anchor, Rewiring and Redefining. Also the role of Mindfulness in modulating thought processes as explained by Dave Potter, Daniel Siegel and John Kobat Zin whose work has given me in depth understanding of the subject.  This made me realize that it was possible to deal with these complex circuits of human mind and its practical use in life. Mindfulness and its role in Neuroplasticity also came as a revelation to me as I saw remarkable changes in people who enrolled with me in the program. I realized I could help many people who although did not have any diagnosed psychological disease, but still suffered at the hands of these automated pathways. The 4R strategy is more attuned to the laws which are formulated and form the essence. The next hindrance which was pointed out to me was that although the laws are one or two sentences long, they were difficult to understand for the layman. The book I have written was inspired by this thought and contains stories of individual lives and how their lives are affected by each law. All the stories are interconnected and are happening at the same time period. It starts with Sam‘s life and then about his friends who have been invited for party cum get together of old mates. The books take the reader on a journey inside each and every character’s mind and how they get entangled in a situation which is a creation of their own habits.

The basic intention for writing this book is to give to readers the answer the daughter had asked the mother. I have made an attempt to give resolutions to complex problems which readers can relate and probably find a resonance in their lives. Storytelling seemed the best way to explain the laws so I can reach the minds of a layman for whom the medical terminology might not be so impactful.

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