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5th January 2050: A Visit to An AI (Artificial Intelligent) Doctor With Mitron

Rex had just come back from a vacation to earth’s moon a couple of days back. He had already been intimated by his personal assistant “Mitron v” (an AI assistant) by the doctor that there had been a slight increase in the white blood cell.”Mitron v” was a belt which Rex wore around his wrist was a super robot grade 5 which was also connected to his circulatory system. It would monitor his blood parameters and help him to coordinate chores daily with other AI gadgets like the car, mobile etc. Each human had a specially designed Mitron as per his status. This was tested since last 5 years with other humans and now the higher grade was used for the important humans like Rex.         Rex had been worried about his future health conditions since the blood started showing early myeloblast(cells forming White blood cell)with some malignant changes. Though they were at a very initial stage and would not be detected by any machine or human 30 years back it was creating a lot of anxiety in Rex’s…

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